Club Officials

2019-2020 Club Captain

Kris Hallett

2019-2020 Vice Captain

Chris Clack

Handicap Secretary

Thank you to Gerald Williams for volunteering as Handicap Secretary

Handicap and Competition Committee

Thank you to our Handicap and Competition Committee members for volunteering to be a part of this committee and for the time and effort they put into the club throughout the year

Kris HallettCurrent Club Captain
Chris ClackCurrent Vice Captain
Jim RussellCurrent Senior Captain
Gerald Williams Handicap Secretary, Club Captain 2016
Dave CoulsonClub Captain 2010 & Previous Senior Captain
Scott Straker Club Captain 2008 & 2017
Julian SliwinskiHead Greenkeeper
Natalie LowePA to Director

Senior & Ladies Section

Thank you to Jim Russell for volunteering as Senior Captain and to Neil Isham for volunteering as Senior Vice Captain

Jim and Neil organise and arrange the Senior inter-club matches which are played mid week plus the Ladies and Senior Spring Trophy and Ladies and Senior Championship.

M4 Senior Winter League

Thank you to Neil Isham for volunteering to Captain the M4 Senior Winter League with the help of Dave Coulson and additional help from Senior Captain Jim Russell.


Thank you to Edward Thorpe for volunteering as photographer for the club.

In the papers

Many thanks to Dick Sawdon Smith for kindly volunteering to get Theale Golf Club's news into the papers when and where he can, and with the help of Eddie's photos!


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